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April 2013

"Es gab immer eine schöne Stimmung!"

Miss German-America 2012 Kirsten Mueller reviews her year with the Crown

In May 2012, Kirsten Mueller of "Original Enzian" was crowned Miss German-America and Queen of the Steuben Parade. Kirsten had an exciting year, that is near its end. In just a few weeks, the German-American community will get ready to crown her successor along with the Steuben Parade counrt of Princesses, Junior Princesses and a Junior General. Join us on Sunday, May 19, at the Bierhaus NYC and meet the candidates. Attendees can participate in an "audience vote" and help elect Miss German-America, all while having a great time.

If you want to apply for Miss German-America or any other position in the court, or if you know someone who wants to apply, please download the Application Sheet (for Queen and Princess, or for Junior Princesses and Junior General) with all contact information.

To get an idea of how exciting a year on the Steuben Parade Court can be, please read Kirsten Muellers report of her year as Miss German-America:

"It has been my honor as Miss German America to represent such a vibrant and passionate group of German Americans this year. Both of my parents are first generation Americans who grew up with German traditions and I have been blessed to have them passed on to me. My Oma and Opa taught me my first nursery rhymes in German, which gave me a basis of the German language before entering the German American School in Ridgewood, Queens. My family has also given me a unique opportunity for preserving a special aspect of my culture. When I was 5 years old, we joined the Schuhplattler Verein Original Enzian. As a Schuhplattler, I not only entertain but uphold and share the traditions that have been passed down through generations. Schuhplattler has taught me discipline as well as responsibility throughout my years of dancing. This has provided a link to keep my heritage close to my heart and support my passion for my culture.

"Promoting the German American culture, language and friendship is extremely important to me in keeping our heritage alive and well. When the opportunity to apply for the honorary position of Miss German America presented itself, I knew I wanted to dedicate my time and passion to the position. Since that shocking and exciting day on May 19 at Bierhaus NYC when I was elected Miss German America, the year has passed in a whirlwind of Aufregung und Aktivitäten.

"Throughout the summer, the court and I had the opportunity to visit many different clubs here in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, all of which continue to embrace and spread the German culture. Each weekend during the summer months, we traveled to various Oktoberfests and German festivals. We were able to celebrate our culture with clubs nearby like the Gottscheer at the 66th Annual Gottscheer Picnic and the Bavarian Festival with Original Enzian at Plattdeutsche Park in Franklin Square, as well as with clubs farther away like the Arion Singing Society in Danbury, Connecticut and Deutsche Club Clark in Clark, New Jersey. We have also been fortunate enough to meet and make friends with many people along the way: groups from Germany, Mayor Bloomberg and our Grand Marshals, Norbert Schramm and Nik Wallenda.

"In addition to all of these famous individuals, we had the good fortune of interacting with all of the Omas und Opas, Mütter und Väter, Söhne und Töchter of many families looking for that outlet to share in some Gemütlichkeit with friends and family. Speaking with them and sharing some history about where my family hails from is something that is truly special.

"During our time at the various Festivals, we were immersed in all that our culture has to offer. We listened to German Blaskapellen, Die Schlauberger, Spitze and Spitzbuam to name a few, ate German food including Leberkäse, Kartoffelsalat und Bratwurst, and of course Kartoffelpuffer, and danced to the "Fliegerlied", "Anton aus Tirol" and "Zillertaler Hochzeitsmarsch". Es gab immer eine schöne Stimmung!

"The 55th Annual German American Steuben Parade weekend was one of my fondest memories during the year. After attending a parade meeting, I truly got a sense of just how much work and planning goes into making the annual Steuben Parade possible. From organizing the 27 floats and 20 groups from Germany to the Schuhplattler clubs, German American Schools and all the other represented clubs that march down 5th Avenue, it is truly a massive undertaking. It is no surprise that the Steuben Parade is the most colorful and lively parade in New York City. There are so many dedicated individuals involved in planning the parade that without them, the parade would not be possible. This weekend is one that I will remember forever and I will continue to support and showcase my pride in future parades.

"In addition to the German American Parade, I was invited to attend Karneval in Köln as a guest of Hans Nüchter and the Bürgergarde. I had the honor of viewing the Rosenmontagzug from the "tribune" (or grandstand) and watching the colorful and vibrant Karneval clubs. Each of the 160 groups created stunning floats that represent political and traditional topics. This year's theme included Rio de Janeiro stating, that "from Cologne to Rio, Karneval is in our blood". During my stay in Köln, I had the opportunity to meet Mayor Jürgen Roters, have dinner with the members of the Bürgergarde and enjoy the atmosphere that only Karneval can bring. It truly was a memorable experience that I will carry with me forever.

"I have had such an amazing year representing the German American community and I could not have done it without the support of my family and friends. I look forward to continuing my support and passion for the German culture through future parades, Oktoberfests and German festivals.

Application for Miss German-America
Application for Steuben Parade Jr Princess & Jr General


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