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February 2013

On the Ice with Norbert Schramm

On a recent night, the German-American Committee went ice skating with Olympic Legend and 2012 Steuben Parade Grand Marshal, Norbert Schramm. It was one of the last great night on beautiful Wollman Rink in Central Park, with temperatures high enough for a stroll but still cold enough to preserve the ice. Guests of the Committee were met personally by Norbert Schramm in an exclusive warm-up tent, where the famous skater gave some quick remarks about his career and word of encouragement to all who wanted to try their luck that night under professional supervision.

Different levels of supervision were indeed necessary, as some guests brought at least semi professional skills to the rink. Suddenly, Norbert Schramm was not the only one doing expert pirouettes in the middle of the skating rink. He was, however, the only one to give a full performance of his skills - sans jumps as even Olympians get older, but utilizing some highly recognizable parts of earlier routines that were once done in front of juries in Europe and the US.

For most guests of the Committee, it was enough to just leisurely skate around in circles. But whatever skill level people showed off, Norbert Schramm always had a trick up his sleeve to improve on people´s performance. All in all, an evening "on the ice with Norbert Schramm" was a tremendous success, enjoyed by all in attendance - partially thanks to a generous gift bags for everyone, that included some wintery gifts: skin care products by Nivea, shots of Underberg by Niche, Hot Chocolate, and - useful in all seasons - a salt-and-pepper shaker from Hofbräu München.

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