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September 2012

Steuben Parade says THANK YOU to all supporters

We still need your help to produce our Steuben Parade DVD

With just a few days until the Steuben Parade, German-Americans all over the United States are looking forward to another great event celebrating German-American friendship. The early weather forecast promises "sunny" on Friday for the Greeting of our German groups, and mild and dry in the evening for our Gala Cruise; for Saturday, we are expecting a few clouds in the morning and "sunny" all day - perfect weather for the Parade and the Oktoberfest in Central Park.

Perfect weather for a bright and colorful Parade broadcast, too. Our production meetings are going well, and we are confident that this year´s broadcast will top last year´s - so many great groups, super talent hosting the broadcast, and some awesome surprises.

We are planning on producing a DVD of the broadcast, and we are still asking for your support on Kickstarter, where we are hosting out DVD fundraiser.

At this point, we want to send a heartfelt "Thank you" to all those who have already generously supported us at this point: Our donors so far are: Jens Riedel, Stephanie Messing, George Mueller, Norbert Schramm, Petschauer Insurance, Rosemarie Bartzick, Harold Siering, Eleanor Koenig-Christ, Bill McCue, Dreuse, Ingrid Johnson, Giulia Trojer, Kathy Jolowicz, Eric Marchitto, Micaela Leon, Ed Heinsohn, Michael Kalkhoff, Martin Hartmann, Denise Manukian, Jörg Reifenscheid, Robert Hofmann, Alwine Mele, Wolfgang Kinkelin, Lothar Krause, Stephanie Russell-Kraft, Anita MacDougall, Eva C. Schweitzer, Jeff Kurzweil, Nancy Veit, and Jens. (All names come directly from

Many other generous supporters have send in their donations outside this particular fundraiser. A heartfelt "Thank you" goes to: Dieter Pfisterer, Thomas Dominger, Norbert Wirsching, Günther and Trude Klein, Richard and Cornelia Rom, Christine and Lars Halter, Heinz and Renate Buck, David and Marion Schultz, Catherine Fontanarosa, Arnold and Renate Lange, Johann Waizenegger, Fred Hansen, Daniel and Laura Kocher, Wilhelm Frieter, Norman Keller, Louise Piep, Magda Schlierf, Richard and Helen Rom, Elli Augsburg, Alfred Froebich, Heidi Perlot, Hertha Stuhlman, Donald Schwarz, Christa Stollberger, Rosemarie Hacsi, Charles Ruppmann, John and Marilyn Deitsch, Joseph Haneman, Minna and Rolf Liebscher, Johanna Kubacka, W. and J. Roecker, Thomas Klee, Pauline Eymold, Mary and Henry Fink, Stephanie Dahlquist, Ralph and Karin Spezia, and Dean Guarnaschelli.

Also, many organizations - corporations and our German-American clubs have supported us so far: A warm "Thank you" goes to: The German Information Center, Max Kade Foundation, Deutsche Welle, Schwäbischer Saengerbund, NYTV 1850 Foundation, Deutsche Telecom, Hofbräu America, Air Berlin, PVV vun Brooklyn und Umgegend, BASF, German American Business Council, Rossbach International, PVV of New York and New Jersey, New Jersey State Steuben Parade Committee, Bausch & Stroebel, SVV Original Enzian, German American Societies of Westchester, Gottscheer Relief Association, Carl Brandt, L Lally Enterprises, German American Settlement League, German School of Connecticut, Smalley Engineering, Deutscher Schul & Gesang Verein, Cosmo Optics, Toby Home Improvements.

To all those who have not yet contributed to this great fundraiser: Please consider making a pledge. Remember: As German-Americans, we are blessed with a great and proud history. Our forefathers have shaped this country over four centuries. We have every right to celebrate - however, we also have a responsibility. We must keep our history and tradition alive, and we must pass on our culture to the next generation. The Steuben Parade, the TV broadcast and the DVD help us do just that - please do your part!

Go to now, search for "Steuben" - and make your most generous pledge. We only have six days left to get our funding.

For a direct link to the site, click here. (


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