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July 2008


For the first time ever, the German-American Steuben Parade of New York, held every year on the third Saturday of September, will feature three Grand Marshals!

This year the Grand Marshals will be actor Mr. Ralf Moeller, Mr. Duncan Niederauer - CEO of NYSE Euronext - and Col. Gail Halvorsen, known as the "Candy Bomber" of the Berlin airlift. The choice reflects three equally important aspects of the friendship between the United States and Germany on either side of the Atlantic, a mix of entertainment, business and history.

"I am especially happy to have Col. Gail Halvorsen with us this year. He was an important part of re-establishing the friendship between Germany and the USA during the Berlin airlift," stresses Lars Halter, Chairman of this year's Steuben Parade. "But of course I am also happy to welcome important German-Americans from Hollywood and Corporate America."

Col. Gail Halvorsen was born in 1920 in Salt Lake City, Utah, Col. Gail Halvorsen and is best known as the "Candy Bomber." After meeting some destitute children during a stroll through Berlin after the war, the Colonel decided to drop candy attached to little parachutes the next time he flew to the enclosed city. In order for the kids to recognize his plane he wiggled the wings of his plane and was therefore dubbed "Uncle Wiggly Wings." The Berlin airlift is often considered the turning point in the post-war relationship between Germany and the USA. Dropping candy, which was quickly adopted by other pilots, was one of the first steps towards today's close friendship.

Please also read about his personal impressions from this time here.

Mr. Duncan Niederauer Mr. Duncan Niederauer has been CEO and Director of NYSE Euronext since 2007. After his MBA from Emory College, he worked for Goldman Sachs and as COO of NYSE Euronext. Although he always knew that he had German roots, it was only this year that he learned more about them from NYC Commissioner Brian Anderson, a great friend of the Steuben Parade's. Now, Mr. Niederauer looks forward to leading the parade up 5th Avenue on September 20th.

Ralf Moeller is a German actor who had the lead role in the show Mr. Ralf Moeller "Conan" and starred in movies like "Gladiator" and "Batman & Robin." His latest blockbuster, "Bierfest" was a huge success especially in the German-American community. Moeller started his career as a bodybuilder, winning the World Championship in 1986. Since 1992, he has been living in Los Angeles, frequently travelling back and forth between the US and Germany. In addition to his professional life he dedicates his time to working with kids and teenagers, and tries to be a positive role model for them.

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