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May 2006


A 19 year old student from Glendale, NY, is the newly crowned Miss German-America, and Queen of the 49th Annual German-American Steuben Parade of New York, which will take place on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue on Saturday, September 16, 2006. Miss Nicole Radske was crowned at a ceremony held at Plattduetsche Park and Restaurant in Franklin Square, Long Island, and was awarded the traditional silver tiara adorned with cornflowers.

Also chosen in the annual pageant held on May 21st were two Princesses: Doreen McVeigh of Valatie, NY, and Karina Scherbner of Bayville, NY. Grace Arnold, Jamie Lartin, and Catherine Rabus were all named Junior Princesses of the Parade.

It was very apparent to the judges that Nicole Radske had the talent, knowledge, and enthusiasm for the German-American culture that earned her a first place position in this contest. The daughter of German immigrants, Miss Radske studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NY. As a child, she learned to dance the traditional German Schuhplattler dance with the “Schuhplattler V.V. Original Enzian” Bavarian dance group of Long Island. These days, she enjoys playing the piano, reading, and working on her career goal in interior design. Miss Radske is fluent in German, and has been honored with several awards by the American Association of Teachers of German. Nicole Radske

For one full year, Nicole Radske will represent the German-American community of New York at many events throughout the tri-state area. She will ride her own float at the 49th Annual German-American Steuben Parade in Manhattan, and another in Philadelphia the following week at their Steuben Parade. Following these great German-American events of the season, Miss Radske will travel to Germany as a goodwill ambassador for America, meeting friends of the Parade’s, and fostering the cultural exchange between the two countries.

First Princess Doreen McVeigh has been to Germany quite often. Between cruises on the Rhine River, and reading German newspapers, she has fallen in love with the country and its culture. Miss McVeigh, who also claims Irish ancestry, holds a minor degree in German, and is planning on further studying the language – through formal classes and upcoming trips. Over the course of the summer, Miss McVeigh will be studying at Oxford University in the United Kingdom.

Second Princess Karina Scherbner is a freshman at Nassau College and has always been very interested in her German roots. She has traveled to Germany many times with her grandmother, Miss German-America Nicole Radske poses with princesses Karina Scherbner and Doreen McVeigh, Junior Princesses Jamie Lartin, Grace Arnold, and Catherine Rabus (from left). They were congratulated by Lars Halter, General Chairman of the Steuben Parade Committee, and Ingrid Gartner, Chairwoman of the Queens Committee.and recently started German language classes; she looks forward to speaking more fluently. Miss Scherbner is also a model with the Ford Modeling Agency, and has starred in several TV commercials. In addition, she is a passionate painter and sculptor.

“Nicole Radske, Doreen McVeigh and Karina Scherbner, are three outstanding choices to represent our German-American culture and heritage at the Steuben Parade and its various activities,” says Lars Halter, the General Chairman of the Steuben Parade in NY. Mr. Halter also had very kind words for Renee Dobler, last seasons´ Miss German-America, who will not soon forget her own exciting year wearing the cornflower-clad silver crown.


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